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If your gut is telling you joining Diabetic Athletic and one of my programs is a wise move, here’s what you need to do and what will happen next…

1) Tell us a little about yourself, goals and current struggles using the text box provided on this page.

2) On the call, we’ll discuss your biggest challenges with diabetes, activity, and nutrition right now and your immediate goals over the next 30-90-days.

We’ll then formulate a strong action plan to grow your diabetic impact, freedom and control over those next 30-90-days.

If you want my help implementing the plan, and I feel you are a good fit for one of my programs, we'll mutually agree on a start date & get working on improving your diabetic journey.

If you don’t want my help, no problem. You’ll know what to work on.

That’s worth more than 1000 diabetic books alone.

I only work with people I can help and those who trust me implicitly to improve their lifestyle as a diabetic.

Talk soon.


Hello, I'm Nick. I know time is precious so let me quickly introduce myself.

By definition and practice I am a type 1 diabetic lifestyle transformation coach and my sole purpose is to transform a diabetics lifestyle and to guide you from a place of struggle, confusion, isolation and overwhelm to a life filled with confidence, freedom, impact, control so you can live with less stress and anxiety that is often so closely linked with diabetes.

The success of my coaching program all comes down to systems I specifically created to make this happen without the chance of failure - something that has taking me more than 15 years to fine-tune and something I am very proud of. The first 3 factors of my 9 tier system are medication/recovery, nutrition and movement.

When I completed my studies as certified strength and conditioning coach I decided to specialize in sports performance while quickly realizing that performance as a human has no age limit and isn’t limited to sport, age or activity. This led me to spending another 2. and half years getting my diploma in nutrition and exercise for the elderly. This all put together with my life as a type 1 diabetic was how and why I created the Diabetic Lifestyle Accelerator.

The lifestyle coaching that is an integral part of this program, my entire life as a type 1 diabetic, my expertise and industry experience are just a few key ingredients I use to create the ultimate recipe. Once all ingredients are put together (in specific amounts depending on your goals and starting point), the finished product is the fact that YOU become the hero of your own story! This recipe is a lifestyle transformation taking the you from where you are to where you need to be (the need and goals are determined by you when we start our journey together).

If you’ve ever had the desire to take control of your lifestyle, live with more freedom of choice and to have more of an impact in the lives of those around you and in your own life - I would love to be the person to take you by the hand and get you there with the least amount of struggle, confusion and overwhelm.


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