Diabetes Arm Band - *various sizes available*

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Diabetes Arm Band for Insulin Pod Monitoring Systems - Omnipod Dexcom Freestyle Libre - Protects Insulin Pod During Sports and Swimming - Replace Adhesive Patches Tape

  • Diabetes armband specifically designed with athletes in mind. Protect your omnipod, dexcom and more from falling off
  • Comfortable, stylish, and useful. Play sports (football, basketball, soccer, swimming, running) with peace of mind that your insulin management system is secure and will not fall off
  • The ideal armband for active type 1 and type 2 diabetics to protect and prevent their omnipod, dexcom, freestyle libre from falling off
  • Better than adhesive patches like the simpatch. Save with this reusable, sweat resistant insulin pump cover for the arm
  • Protective cover, prevent falling off, protects competitors during sports, stylish look - Play freely again with our armband tailored for diabetics


Size Guide:

  • XS - 6inch
  • S - 8inch
  • M - 10inch
  • L - 12inch
  • XL - 14inch
  • 2XL - 16inch

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