Kid's Insulin Pump Band/Belt by Sugar Belts - Disney Princess Themes

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Design Your Own "Sugar Belt" For Kids!

Keep your child's insulin pump safe and secure with a "Sugar Belt" customized just for him or her!  Each belt is handmade and custom-fit for your child to ensure a snug but comfortable fit.  It won't flip or flop during intense activities such as bouncing on a trampoline, running, jumping, etc and it is comfortable enough to wear while sleeping.   This well-made belt is almost entirely indestructible and super easy to wash!

The belt's pockets are made with spandex material so your child's pump fits perfectly and every snap is reinforced.  I make it easy for little hands to use!  Choose your own fun, 100% cotton fabric for the side bands and finish with whatever color snaps you'd like!  

Pocket Descriptions: 

Single Pocket - One 3"x 5" pocket with one snap

Small Double Pocket - Two 3"x 4" pockets with two snaps (fits T:Slim, Medtronic MiniMed, Dexcom G5 & G6 receivers, small phones, and most glucometers)

Large Double Pocket - One 3"x 5" pocket and One 6"x 5" pocket (designed with a larger pocket to accommodate larger cell phones)

How To Measure:

The belts are meant to be worn at your natural waistline.  When taking your measurement use a cloth tape measure on your bare skin, not over clothes.  Use the tape to circle your waist (sort of like a belt would) at your waist's natural bend, which is located above your belly button and below your rib cage.  (If you bend to the side, the crease that forms is your natural waistline.)  If you plan to wear your belt below your waist, take that measurement as well.  

How To Order:

When ordering, please be sure to include the following information needed to customize your child's belt:

  1. Choose between single, small double, or large double pockets;
  2. Choose your band fabric style from the drop-down options;
  3. Enter your pocket fabric color choice in the Step 1 box provided (see image for labels);
  4. Enter your snap color choice in the Step 2 box provided (see image for labels);
  5. Enter your child's waist measurement in inches (taken right above the belly button) in the Step 3 box provided. 
  6. If your child's waist measures more than 28", click the toggle button in Step 4 to add a $5.00 additional charge due to the increase in fabric and effort.  

Please allow 3-5 days for processing before the item will ship.  I offer free shipping with every purchase within the United States.   

I have lots of fun fabrics available so if you don't see a fabric you like, please check out all my other listings for additional fabric options!  

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