Bubblegum Bottles - Treat that Hypo!

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The perfect bedside essential for when you're low, from just 25p per hypo.

High-sugar sweets coated with even more sugar to provide an instant glucose hit. Filled with all of your favourites like cola bottles, fizzy laces, fizzy cherries, gummy bears, gummy sharks, fizzy dummies, and more.

The NHS recommend 3-6 sweets for a hypo, which is about 15g of glucose. Each jar will treat a lot of hypos, as below:

  • 300g contains 16 servings of 15g of glucose
  • 500g contains 27 servings of 15g of glucose
  • 1000g contains 54 servings of 15g of glucose

The product that you are purchasing is a STICKER intended to decorate a medical device. No medical devices, medicine, or medical equipment is sold on The Useless Pancreas.

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