Blue Aquamarine Diabetes Awareness Gemstone Bracelet

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Blue Aquamarine beaded bracelet custom made for your wrist. Choose between 7mm and 10mm beads.
Comes in a black EXODOS Copenhagen silver-logo engraved gift box with velvet filling.
(Size and color of the semi-precious gemstone beads can vary slightly due to its natural origin)

The bracelet is strung on a solid, unbreakable stretch cord that will not fray over time.
It is made from polyurethane and is free of latex and rayon. The cord has been rated the best stretch cord for jewelry making worldwide.

Aquamarine is associated with various healing properties, including promoting tranquility, reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing emotional clarity and communication, soothing the mind, and encouraging self-expression.

EXODOS Copenhagen semi-precious gemstone beads are sourced from various parts of the world. We ONLY use 100% natural, authentic gemstone beads that have not been dyed or made in a laboratory. All bracelets come in a silver-logo engraved gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Care Instruction Card.

If you know your exact wrist size, simply choose it from the drop down menu. If you don't know your wrist size, use a measuring tape and measure your wrist size in either centimeters or inches. Leave us a note of your size at checkout.

Please make sure to specify the exact number on the measuring tape. Do not add any extra space. We will make sure that the bracelet will fit you perfectly.

If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of cord or string to measure your wrist and lay it back on a ruler to see your exact wrist size.


Crystal Healing Disclaimer

All information about the properties, qualities and healing benefits of the crystals mentioned at our site is for reference only. It is based on traditional beliefs and anecdotal evidence. It is important to note that these claims have not been evaluated by scientific studies or medical professionals. Gemstone therapy should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and we do not claim they cure or heal medical conditions. Please always listen to the advice of your medical professional and only use crystals as a complementary therapy in addition to medical treatment.

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