BEYOND BASIC Men's Athletic Insulin Pump Pocket Boxer Briefs

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Insulin Pump Pocket Briefs for Men by RevelWear

“Beyond Basic”

Specs: 64% Nylon 36% Elastane

Description: This is your best soft fabric that still has a HIGH performance factor. It is a lovely blend of soft and sleek with a touch of sheen. You will enjoy a fabulous 4-way stretch and maximum comfort and flexibility. Consider this fabric your medium weight athletic blend that will be uber convenient and always functional.

Function: “Beyond Basic” fabric functions best in both fashion and function-- you can wear this under regular clothes as a layering garment and underwear, but it will also work as your best athletic wear. It has a medium hold and world perfectly for walking, hiking, the gym, school and the office.

Recommended for:

  • Layering
  • Light-medium exercise such as yoga, treadmill and weightlifting

We are thrilled to bring you PumpBriefs for men! They will totally change your diabetes game. With two pockets perfectly designed to secure your insulin pump, you will have the flexibility and freedom to wear what you want when you want. Isn’t it annoying when your pump is jostling around in loose basketball shorts? Or loose in bed at night? No more! This is better than any of the diabetic bags for men out there and now you don't even have to worry about insulin pump cases for sports-- the pump will never fall out of our patented PumpPocket. What’s better, is that your tubing will be tucked away and will no longer catch or pull as you move throughout your day. Grab enough to get you through a week or two and you will never look back. Diabetic bags for men cannot compete with this amazing stretch fabric and trendy boxer brief design. Forget the old way of managing your pump-- this is it.

Our briefs simply rock!! They are made out of a wicking fabric with tons of stretch that will give with the movement of your life. You will have freedom to wear basketball shorts, go running, and play with kids, all without worrying about where to put your pump. The tubing will stay secure and concealed so you will no longer worry about pulling your site out or catching your tubing. Your pump will sit snugly against your body in our Pump Pocket and won't jostle at all, Plus, the patented flap makes sure it isn't coming out. It is a game changer. In fact, we want you to be able to forget your pump and up your game. Grab one for every day of the week-- you're not going to want to go without them another day.

Enjoy TWO PumpPockets in each garment. You can change sites and change sides. Each pocket includes a tubing outlet in the back allowing for access to your infusion site while also containing your tubing.

The truth about sizing: Please pay special attention to our sizing recommendations. It is best to measure first and then choose your size. All sizing is based on US sizing. If you have any questions, please email us at

We have diligently chosen fabric that is luxurious and forgiving. It is a beautiful compression style athletic blend that will fit tightly and secure your pump close to the body. Size up if you do not like a snug athletic fit, keeping in mind that the pocket functions best with a tight fit. It has wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable. You will love how our garments feel against your skin! They forgive and stretch and you will fall in love!

Let us know what T1D PumpBriefs do for your life.

Disclaimer- We appreciate your patronage. While we produce a high quality, excellent product, we do not accept any liability in association with the loss or damage of one’s medical device. We also do not accept any liability associated with injury related to dropping one’s insulin pump or pulling out one’s infusion site. Please consult your doctor when making any changes in your medical care. Your purchase represents your understanding of this disclaimer and releases RevelWear, INC. of all liability. Thank you.

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