Type 1 Awareness/Warrior Keychain Set. Medical Alert Keychain.

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~Angelman Disease
~Rheumatoid Arthritis
~Multiple Sclerosis
~Type 1 Diabetes
~Type 2 Diabetes
~Breast Cancer
~Celiac Disease
~Cystic Fibrosis
~Infant Loss
These gorgeous, handmade keychains have three amazing different pieces to them!
The first, a 2” by 1.5” piece of hand stained wood with your disease name written in vinyl. Once adhered, the wood was sealed with a satin, non yellowing sealant.
(Each piece of wood is air dried and “cured” after staining….for more than 24hrs before we continue to work with them. 😄)
Beneath your disease name on the wood piece, you can either choose, “Warrior” or “Awareness” as your options as the phrase name on your Keychain.
For Example: Angelman
Second, each keychain has your disease name spelled out in full with bright, fun letter beads! These beads are plastic with a clear glass separator bead in between the words. The knot 🪢 underneath the beads at the end of the disease phrase has been tied twice and glued with glass bead glue for added security.
Last but not least, the hand crocheted awareness ribbon charm!
Each ribbon is the matching color of the awareness. The ribbon size is 2.5” long by an 1” wide. The knot 🪢 behind the awareness ribbon has also been glued with yarn glue for added security.
This gorgeous Keychain is unique as all 3 items come together as a Keychain “Set” for a low price including shipping!
Cayden and I are crocheting, staining and designing more continuously. If you do NOT see your disease or awareness in these photos or on the list above, please reach out and send us a message! We will absolutely get it created immediately for you!

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