Send your creations to the world. 

Your products in the 

hands of Type 1s. 

Showcase your products in endo clinics, pharmacies and 

through influencers in the T1D Community. 

How it works. 

Instead of calling and emailing clinics and T1D influencers, have them come to you!  Participate in the T1DPro program today and showcase your products for the many endos and community influencers that visit our site.  Once they request your product, you'll ship and they'll show it to others! 

You're selected.

A clinic, pharmacy or influencer in the Type 1 Community selects your product to show others. 


Ship it. 

You receive the request from us and ship the product. 

You're on display!  

Your products is received by the influencer and put on display for others to see, feel and purchase! 

Reach the masses and sell more. 

Because we host the widest selection of products and services for Type 1 diabetics, we receive regular requests from endocrinologists, pharmacies, bloggers,

vloggers and other influencers in our community for product samples. The T1DPro program allows you to get your products into the hands of these important influencers, so they can show others and you can sell more.   


Vetted Influencers

We'll do the due diligence to ensure your products are being selected real T1D professionals, so you're sending to someone that will make an impact with others.    

The Widest Reach

The Useless Pancreas is the one-stop shop for the Type 1 community.  That includes those that work with other Type 1s!  Participate today, get selected and reach your widest audience.   

Easy Peasy (for you and them)

Our simple click and ship process allows busy endos and influencers to select from a wide range of products to fit the specific needs of their audience.  It takes just a few minutes and keeps them coming back for more.