At The Useless Pancreas our mission is to provide a global marketplace where Type 1 diabetics can find practically any product or service they are looking for.   We provide a safe place for sellers of all sizes to turn their interests into opportunities and we help buyers to discover unique, high quality items from around the world.  We’re here because our community deserves a fun, inexpensive and special place to trade.


Similar to eBay or Etsy, we do not purchase or resell products.  Instead, we provide the platform to market your unique and creative products to the Type 1 community.  

Two Ways to Sell

All businesses are different and have different time constraints and requirements.  This is why we offer two different options to sell your Type 1 Diabetic goods on The Useless Pancreas!

Option 1: Become a “Marketplace Vendor”

Characteristics of a “Marketplace Vendor”

  • You are a crafty individual or someone who has created a small business that offers one specific or small selection of products to your customers.
  • You may be using Etsy, Instagram, or Facebook as your primary means of advertising your products and conducting business and may not have already created a website of your own
  • You typically make and ship your own products and don’t utilize a warehouse to fulfill shipping

Benefits of becoming a “Marketplace Vendor”

  • You create your own storefront on The Useless Pancreas.  Tell the world who you are and what inspired you to create your products!  
  • You create your own listings instantly.
  • You set your own prices (including shipping in your list price)
  • You have your own personal login to manage your products, product inventory, view your sales, and keep your own financial records.
  • You pay a flat 10% fee only when your item sells which includes all payment processing fees charged by 3rd party entities.  We do not charge any up-front listing fees.  

Option 2: Become a “Drop-Ship Vendor”  

Characteristics of a “Drop-Ship Vendor”

  • You are a larger business that offers a sizable selection of products, including product variants, that may take quite a bit of time and effort to list and manage.
  • You typically already have an online presence and website of your own with product photos, descriptions, policies, etc.  
  • You may have a warehouse or third-party shipping your products and rely on additional shipping programs/software integrations to manage shipping fulfillment.  
  • You may already be dropshipping with other online entities.
  • You prefer to have us handle all the back-end work for you in order to save time and effort.  

Benefits of becoming a “Drop-Ship Vendor”

  • We complete all set-up of your storefront presence on The Useless Pancreas, list all your products, manage your listings/price changes, and process payments on our website; you just fulfill shipping requests when your item sells.
  • All wholesale pricing, fees, etc are negotiated and agreed upon up front and we set the prices on our website accordingly.
  • You charge our credit card in batches or according to your own schedule when your products sell.  You avoid paying processing fees.
  • We can integrate your product sales on our website with your warehouse or third-party fulfillment center to keep the shipping process running seamlessly.

Got it.  Great, but why sell with us?

Glad you asked!  Unlike the larger marketplaces, we are dedicated exclusively to the Type 1 diabetic community.  We work with social media moderators, diabetic bloggers and influencers to spread the word about your unique products and we’re constantly engaged in our community working to connect buyers and sellers from around the world.   When a customer comes to The Useless Pancreas to look for something else, there’s a good chance they’ll stumble across your products as well!