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The type 1 community is full of vibrant and passionate people who needed a meaningful place to buy and sell their T1D goods and services. Here you will find everything from crafty, handmade creations to stylish, diabetic carry-all cases. Our vendors are families and businesses - both small and large - who have been directly impacted or inspired by Type 1 diabetes. When you make a purchase on The Useless Pancreas, you are directly supporting Type 1 diabetics and their families! Thank you for contributing to our global Type 1 diabetic community!

Warmer Weather Is Coming! Is Your Insulin Protected?

We've all been waiting for warmer weather so we can get out in the great outdoors! It's finally here! Keep your insulin and other diabetes supplies cool and safe whether you are hiking, camping, walking around a theme park, or just out and about for the day! There are many options to protect your insulin and supplies!

"Useful" Solutions To Secure Your Insulin Pump

Dilemma: How Can I Hold My Insulin Pump?

"I'm afraid my insulin pump will fall off while I'm exercising!"

"How can I secure my insulin pump while I'm wearing a dress?"

"I have too many items to hold and don't know what to do!"

We, at the Useless Pancreas, pride ourselves in offering products that solve dilemmas such as these. Figuring out how to secure your insulin pump is a common problem for our Type 1 diabetic customers so we've compiled a rapidly-growing product line of solutions just for you! Check out some of these "useful" products to "HOLD YOUR PUMP!"